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I write a letter that speaks without words
Everything says the heart And even if you leave
I ask forgiveness

If you retain no
If this love can not even … with your strength.
loss will
Give an end to this war
Love or Folly sentence or perhaps something more
 Total love … love and friendship …
Let me aside … there are no more words
If so outa and begin to rave … ….

I write a letter
The command either directly Look well as projected
 Deign to follow reason
Leave that will say … that is worthless
 Mil war is not worth, at least one missing?
 Reason or illusion … or a pain in the heart

What will ultimately be your decision?
A thousand fears torment me, I love you and you walk away

This storm threatens to bring down my whole life …





From a distance the city looks so empty

Everything is so simple so simple souls

And just invent stories

As yours and mine ….

From heaven I lose my senses

And I plunged into a deep blue and shaken

From there I will heal your ills …. Do not know where you are now

Maybe through all the seas, will tour cities

And at last you find happiness

I have fear of losing my chance

From far away I will take care your soul

I learn to shut up

And to hear the quiet amid

From far the world is so small

Just a scarf does not console

The nights of my tears

From there I will find the door

Do not know if it is open to return to you

From the back you know that I still hope

You do not want to tell you, if you’re not with me ….

From here, even someone waiting for you

Even you know that nothing is different

Learn to say something intelligent

Something to fill you with me … forever …

your Name (traduction)

Publicado: 31 agosto, 2010 en Words Of Silence (English)

never spend hours

the moment never comes

turned away the winter

even national spring

shaking at night

born and grew up watching a love

which became so strong … as is my pain

never a rose I come across so many thorns

stop times are insignificant moment of time

I can not control myself … I’m feeling that I miss

I can not forget your name … your face against mine

sane kiss, the taste of the farewell …

I can run a thousand verses

born between chords songs ….

but everything you write will refer to your name …

never a rose nail so deep in my flesh …

spines were never so bloody ..

Your pain is my pain … your love will be my sentence

but this love is born and grows inside and outside …

never spend hours …

time stands still in my

I have no proof of anything …

only live for you …












see your picture again…

at has happened to me

It’s so sad to lose the opportunity

And to imagine … if everything had been different


Live the moment under pressure

I live life aimlessly between color

I would have devoted the best years

But fate willed it so

No need to decide … we must continue


Love because you left so soon?

Not want to leave your memory

But it was the best thing that ever happened to me

Anyone who has forgiven the damage

If you have changed the wishes ….

I do not want this anymore

But even if I’m honest …

An opportunity would have changed my life

A look … still remains undecided

Tonight the sky too black

On the bright side your reflection

That tempts my heart


An opportunity … for me to stay for life

That treacherous destiny … broke my way

In the shadow … this love …

An opportunity …. Between you and me …


Even if I hide within curtains

but I’m not the innocent can imagine

Hatred makes the insane

I pursued that obsession

To see you again


Even shelter me your embrace

Even I look if I remember too

Anyone who has forgiven the years

If you have changed the wishes ….

I do not want this anymore

But even if I’m honest …


Abrígame from your sky

Forgive me if I still love you

I will not even found people brave

I’m still a shattered

Who loves you too

And even pursuing a dream in the ground

Basking on the edge of your sky …

If you changed the desire´s

loneliness (traduction)

Publicado: 31 agosto, 2010 en Words Of Silence (English)

days happen a thousand stories
cover night pain and glory
There is one more time ..
finishing the
There is a special moment …
is that I find you and miss you
is the sweetness of seeing you again
and the bitter taste of a farewell
millions of things may happen …
but there will always be a final moment
is the sad course where you just
thinking that everything becomes negligible

everything has an end and a beginning part …
is empty …

that solitude and silence that you back
the world these days past …

much finished
to run away until you end up trapped rays
sun wake you up at dawn and your desire reborn

is that loneliness that runs through moments eternalizing
involving the condemnation of the night for most insignificant

sometimes poignant …. is that loneliness that reminds you
what a day left …
and envelops you in thoughts … sometimes fragile amid resounding … a lost world ….

eternal flame

Publicado: 11 julio, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)


We winter in spring

Starless night

We are no current river

Without fear the slope that lay

We are an endless stream

That leads to freedom

We are pure fire and blinding

The eternal flame, and love ..


Where they join your lips with mine

It is more than a simple contact

Where it connects your mouth with mine

It is more than a touch or a breath

Where your skin touches mine

It’s more than soft and gentle touch


Where your eyes are mine

It is more than looking at you is to talk

project yourself from the bottom of my


Where it joins your love to mine

It is the miracle of feeling

In a million fantasies