Moon of Sad

Publicado: 11 julio, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

I think a hurricane is insignificant spark

as the pain grew in steps away …

despair … I look

increasingly felt far you

every street was desperate

needed to find you and find you

I cried a thousand tears

silent and even early

I go with the comfort

even in the distance watching you

tonight my heart burns

with a nail on

as night

hidden and the sky beyond

the panting breath to feel lost

inexplicable pain and suffering

sewed the line of time

was therefore rejected

you end up losing

pain and regret

I can not even recognize

each line or

but will this lesson

for future

he finds in the deepest

not be repeated

I will not say no

but if …

sad that this moon cry

red tears at the sight as you walk away

has seen two paths from

grieve and suffer

not arrive in time to hold your hand

my punishment was too painful

her tears hidden moon black clouds

night stop was at the end of the storm

with infinite pain the middle par …

you saw me from without looking back

all had ended in tears …

off … crying.

I did not see where you were more or

could not stand again

leave you to suffer unbearable

my legs were shaking

raving my head

night condemning

that punishment martyrdom!

but perhaps even deserved!

I feel my soul shattered

drinking sips of pain

that you’re gone …

Moon of sadness

red face

colored in the fog

‘ve observed pain

between words without respite

I still remember your way back

I even found the corner

but my anger cursed me away from you

and I lost the way back

so late that I am here …

suffering from a knife and your memory

more painful awareness

that a single blow in my chest ….

I do not want more of this pain

doblegare my anger under shackles

tied in prison

I do not want more of this experience

that is the last in my memory

hold is my desire

we see the moon again loving each

in a sincere union

and that sealed our kisses ..



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