Publicado: 11 julio, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

perhaps a wound can
rivers emerge from my pain
feel so empty
up losing control
dreaming, hallucinating delirium
without knowing what is real

lost in my dreams
where only find you
losing myself in a thousand lies
and being happy among them
amiss because the truth
it is better to die in life

because where I have you no longer
I just finished it the day …
losing is worse than tear the heart
missing is a nightmare start
that never comes to an end
hell is living inside
rising in my throat …

I will not live longer dream
ended the night and start again

and gives rise to this world …
how to live if we were the two together before ‘?

I do not want anyone else … you are and have been all
I wish I could
gave me more than I expected …
I can not miss this time …

and if they do not accept that you left?
and if maybe you have not left?
something stayed within my
very deep …

is too sad to miss
conviction dropped on me …

You can go … and I know I’ll … although it hurts
but lost …. and hope does not let me go
walking alone in this life ..

just waiting for an opportune moment to join you
Beyond the place … in heaven or on earth
more above the clouds or in the center of the universe
just want to hug you and feel that you no longer lose ….



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