soul of rent

Publicado: 27 junio, 2010 en Colaboraciones, Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

this poem was done with the help of my good friend Isabel, the story that is yours I only help in the field verbal poetic and I hope you enjoy!

greetings to all readers of  Word of Silence!


Remember ….

Since those days where you found me

Where I saw the first time

When you thought I was a child

But it was a woman

It was more of what you could see

I recall

give me that day

Rent your soul

Where it was so blind

I could not see ….

Empty Hearts of memory

Birthplace stories

That would bring grief ..

Wasted years

Pretending to be who never was

All you have given silent

Not knowing what to say …

You … just show your smile

Well I know it’s fake

And only invite your ego

To get away from you … but every day …

And that bitter wine

That charge brought

A farewell

I daggers key

With disturbing words

Do not hurt my soul

With your heart negligible

And you look defiant

Just walk away from you but my presence

Just get less love

And more misery

I know you love out of spite

When under the roof of my bed

You said you would love life

When that did not feel anything

Broke my sacred seal

Under your cold hands

The pain was excruciating

I cried tears of blood

That will fall on you today …

Even live in that garden

Where you’re still cutting flowers

Where one day you and me

We played songs

Where your smile dazzling sun

That takes you right to pardon

If this love that has consumed

You have made me the person they have loved so much

My chest hurt in silence

I lived what is not written

in millions of pages

You ruined hopes

that support and are counted in thousands

but today opened a new door

it fails in my life reborn

I will not live over that yesterday

he is a past that no longer live

because this love that I have found

heal the wounds you’ve caused

and no matter how many try to make things

are part of a past that years ago and long term

 maybe if ever my heart I love you feel nothing

banish all my fears …

a past that is not born again

and no good for my soul … your rental

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