Rose of the Wind´s

Publicado: 27 junio, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

from very small, perhaps under the influence of living in a seaside town have cultivated this passion I carry in my blood for the sea and between ships and sailors life … here I leave this poem one of the longest I’ve written at this time , Greetings readers!


Rose was stripped of its petals fallen

fly like the wind, birds and birds of dew

as a wet coastal sunrise

leaving his boat through the morning fishmonger

compass rose from opposite directions

‘re like the surf was calm, like the thirst of the storm

Rose thousand seas adventure and romance

are companion to the rhythm of sea waves

seas hostile confines of land and willing

‘re singing in the wind rose and the breath

running at sea the ship lost in the desert

 sound and the moorings in the harbor, under a new destination

Your faithful companion will you lead them on their way!

compass rose amulet of wise and ancient mariners

rose that guides so many lives that the sea took

to turn away so many women of his sailors and ships captains

gave his life to the craft of lost man

and many women left lonely with your kids!

compass rose pinned to the compass and direction of the sea

I want to be your breath of salt impregnated

I pride sailor captain who was once!

soldier and companion of the waves, panting at the helm

due to these endless seas

of these pirate ships lei legends!

tell me your pink … where should I go?

I want to be your breath of salt

offshore your cruise!

Sea abordame your story

tell me that you keep in your memory

Give me your passion of your bed sailor

accompany you when the fish gulls

navigate the currents, you follow the sun a day

and the night sleeping calm

I follow the captain to telescope

peg leg and your right eye?

ships lost in the deep desert

between your petals where the goldfinches sing!

tu, compass rose, pink passion of hurricane sea

that cross a thousand seas after the wind

and accompany the sailor on his travels

you can never miss!

compass revered guide, trust in you so many lives

are the Marine’s right eye

compass breath of salt

Whisper sweet companion of the sea …



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