Rose Of Love

Publicado: 27 junio, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

I ´am ringtone

That brought the wind

In a whisper

I am a rose

Buried under a wall ….

Without petals …

I am a last breath for you …

That inexplicable existence

Until you touch your lips

I felt the bones squeezing life …

Guilt my heart …

And now, now fear losing it ….

Each dawn shed tears …

Every night …. I feel just …

Then reborn, my heart beats …

Late much as ever ….

I feel exploited … I feel that pull me down

That great feeling

What sweet madness ….

I am the rose that was born in a field

Biased between death … stay alive …

I’m lost and found life in you

I’m all that I could be …

I’m part of you ….

I have no words

In the dictionary sense

And sometimes I feel no longer …

You are the product of all that

I’ve been in here ….

Only you entangled me

I allocate night make me sad

And with love enfold me

Only you make me happy

Mad About You …

Only with a hug ati

I surrender completely

In an instant that is eternal

In your lap …

Just so I could understand

You’re like a rose ..

It hurts if you touch

You’re weak in the stem

You are sensitive and tender as the petals

As red and passionate ….

You’re just so easy to love

So hard … impossible to forget…



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