absolute love

Publicado: 27 junio, 2010 en Words Of Silence (English)

and we welcome this new partner in Word´s of Silence.. as you deserve it! with this beautiful poem! hope you like readers! regards

 Like a dark morning kisses

abridged by the thought of you

message came to me in whispers

talking about an absolute love ….

and I was flying in the sky …

lost by passionate kisses

that my body caught between bites

and the tender love and all …

when the feathers of dawn began

 to score early in the sky I understood

was time to get you to need you and give you …

my kisses and my body needed and wanted … you …

cai i like the flowers of the sky falling

soft and delicate in your bed …

complete delivery of

as a straight drop and a perfect dawn.

Amada immense

as pure cobalt violet

was more open flower fruit garden

and the word of desire.

snack severed by the knife of your kisses

drops of anise in the dusk lit up the night

between glasses and glass bronze

You loved me then until midnight

red and yellow clouds

took me to the edge of the shore

of this unknown beach

Black Wave I among sand cover

I love you with hope that the poet committed suicide

that took sea.

drank salt water from your mouth

soaking your lips to mine

me from your bank to my regret

I was at this absolute love …

I thought crazy and deep sleep

with great regret I slept in my bed

seeing that there were no

I thought of legends and fairy tales

with long strokes Romantic

your beautiful fingers that my body vibrated

You look so, like watching a master his slave

how it would look a morning violets

confused and disoriented drowned …

 day walk in the streets

embedded between a spray of memories.

and the words were lost

the shadows of doubt

It is the first time an absolute love so perfect

course in my veins to cut your breath

I felt both perish in this crazy passion

that I could not see north between you and the feeling

I thought so I wanted to believe so!

was crazy and desperate

I could only fear, could not

more than mad! was now, before

and after!

and was all, was the belief or disbelief

if you loved or hid me, if you wanted

or entertained me in my bed shattered

… love you more than you can love

the life through my soul

more than it is worth feel the fragrance

tender of your skin against mine …

while a silver pride through my body

an absolute love and accurate …

beneath my veins burning hot you …

between the serenity of a contact from your lips

YME said against me, I love you …

and crossed the kiss that kill me, here …

in your arms protecting me … nestled between

these tough and strong arms of man …

that night that something of yours crossed

against the slave of love … between his pride

and this heart … love all …



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