Two in Love(traduction)

Publicado: 20 mayo, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

my world is far

when you lose your kisses

my soul is lost


love storm

colored skies

mornings or afternoons nights

your light shine everywhere

my normal life is not normal

a sky lined with light and clarity

your face soaked sweetness on your lips

my beautiful portrait of undying love

embodied pain, your pupils immense

the calm of your ways you invent the world

poetry in your voice dancing pleasure

ritual of this love, in the throes of love …

not far from my

my soul shatters

my body is part of you

and without your love Rip out my life ….

this love now are two ..

and without you my soul … dies in silence …

are two gusts of wind …

but the heart betrays what I feel

My soul clings to you

.. you ask to be

thousand tears shed

have wet nights in my pillow

every time my heart has been separated from your soul

every time my being has sought to move away from you ….

pain overwhelmed me, seized the panic and terror

and now I understood that we’re two ..

 we are two in love …



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