The Best Partner(traduction)

Publicado: 20 mayo, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

would forget to forget you ..

Spring night by the sea

would forget your fresh flower scent

to your lips and the feeling of loving you

with the tenderness that only this love gives me …

break the walls of this serious love

break the wall of my heart …

would dry my desire to kiss your mouth …

would end the daily illusion

here have close …

would sink into the pit of my solitude penitent

the cold companion gives no joy …

you only get in the silence dying of disease ..

feel you here is the sun sunrise

strengthen the hope to find happiness …

every day is to love you more …. it feel more alive than ever

at every moment in your piercing gaze …

is to shine with you ….

is not knowing what to say … but never mind …

only you understand more about me than anyone ….

only you I opened the doors of your heart

flying in the air ….

you made me feel the truth

and I found in you the sincerity

only you know have a pure being …

You have given me more than friendship

without expecting anything more … you gave me more than love

in exchange for you and your eternal presence ….

beyond the fire of passion …. in your company better

because that is you ….’s best friend

in my day … walking day in the life …



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