Abandon yourself to life(traduction)

Publicado: 20 mayo, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

when you go back
when the lights go out
is a star in this sea
a way to reach …
There are half steps
including walking friendship

traveler life with lyrics
 drifting sung
find much evil and pain
comfort in your song
will know who you are when you leave
aside rancor
when you only you and your way
when you leave aside the cowardice
and resume the path yourself

maybe your ignorance you ceque
is proclaimed in vain
just think of you
and tie me to your hand …
But let fall
deck as the trial
believe in my madness
but you’re taking in yourself

With You think of anyone else but see the light
unreal that light in your mind wandering
vendabal a flood ….
think you are someone special
of a natural wonder
and just so you drop this deck as trial
a day that all of your bandages will fall from your eyes,
the pain will hurt very badly,
the voice would break in your lips,
 Your body still terrified
Your heart will beat to beat off …
Really light … no light .. really … life without life.
do not walk over this path …
quitate now this band ….
only if those words do not produce in you the gift ….
 and even the pain in you will not burn

do not want more of this injury …

come one day, a day that marked your life,

Do not do more deals of this treachery
leaves the path splits to fear
feel the breath in your chest hurt subjected
even if you rush into battle ….
and not afraid of where the road begins
and where it ends …
Abandon yourself to the path on the threads of feeling
 where you start your flare and light without fear ….
walk no more pain no more … Abandon yourself. crumbles this pain ..
Abandon yourself a life …. seduced your breath on my touch ….

hope not to break walls ….
Do not be afraid of tomorrow
feel my hug in your soul that relieves pain
do not fear life without more …
thousands of paths you cross …
do not feel anger with anger
overcome your fear now take my hand wound
… Just take the love and



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