Ashes In My Heart

Publicado: 9 mayo, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

Sorry to tell you the truth

If I close my eyes when talking

If my tears fall no more …

If I cry because my heart is just

walking against the other

This world is so hard for you ..

I feel that life is so

Sweetly Bitter

pretty sweet

was lying when he speaks

But nobody lives without it ..

Do not know who I remember when I leave

Or who shut off your sails

of sadness in eternal nights

I know this life is hard for you …

But I feel that it was so …

throw my ashes in my heart cry

I burn my wounds with blood

After both live and do not believe in fantasy

But this child does not lose even mad joy

While living in the slaughter …

I know this is hard for you love …

I know the world is small

And great for both pain

There are ash between memories that nobody remembers

There is pain but life among the weeds

lament that brought me back to a lifetime

and that night and I was too small

But you glow from her with your light …

Special love you were born with your eyes stuck in flash

Have you seen pain, but beautiful memories preserved

Although it is too much for you ….

Do not be alone … life reserve you something ..

And your time is coming …

My heart beats between thunder and chills

I remembered then when your lips together and mine

I relived that moment … and sweetly melancholic inquientante

As an aria …

The world is hard …. But for you my will is priceless

As does the moment of this kiss

I feel that life is reborn in you, between this dream come

of madness, passions is for you … just for you …

the ashes were erased from my heart

to replace them for you ..

ashes in my heart eternal damnation

when I feel this flame burning … burning me

torture me at night burning memories in my mind

vague vague late night ..

in ashes, memories and blood ….

ashes of my heart, the wall of feelings

dust from falling on my hands …. burn

I burn … burn me …

eternal torture, madness of my mind imaginary fantasy

where you lose people .. you think maybe be my worthy adversary

put your crown on my hands …. think perhaps be the best

I remember all these years

are almost century-old image that exceeds my love

 attire to my mind that

in a broken stairway …

now that is … ashes … ashes lost in my hands ..

empty ashes in my heart …

holy dust powder crying ..

fucking a beautiful powder day feeling

insignificant to remember ….

ashes ashes still treasured in my

with melancholy

if I stay you … you in ashes …

and I still have you … you are still here …

between fire and ash of my heart …



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