Pain in My Memories (traduction)

Publicado: 21 abril, 2010 en Poemario, Words Of Silence (English)

product or deception will from my mind

or maybe your presence on this day away

I need a piece of me …. 

I still remember like yesterday your smile

every noon … shining in the sun …

which I will get used to this pain … 

I will turn and turn life around

to all the past …. that even well

bad as I anticipated ….

a couple of lyrics with old photos

now my days consist

a sad melancholy, with that old melody

in my mind ….

Your memory is far away … 

Visitors hurtful …. lacerating punch

too early even to be loving …

you become too fast memory

when I’m still missing these kisses

between highs and waste ….

and yet you do not leave me … even though you hold me spiders

hurt me kidnap me, I settled into my mind

I injure me really mad, you go and then come

I remember stabbing …

hurtful memories …. I settled into my mind … and even courageous

live in me … and there is no way, no words ….

… life love heartbreak into madness that betrays my mind

bitter sweet wandering in solitude …

and I could not divert me away from everything

kill me in life … it made me mad

sweet sweet love that hurt you hurt … pain.

I remember pain, stinging pain of your absence …..



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